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Dear Missionary Friends and Partners in Ministry, Steve Allen has asked us to collect your Contact information for a brochure to be handed out to our churches during the upcoming SC missions tour in September. We are using our email server to collect this information from you. I realize that many of you work in sensitive situations, and have to balance the need for sensitivity with the need to for communication to our supporters. For each of us, this means different things. Your preferred addresses, phone numbers, emails and websites may differ from the "official" ones used. Once you have subscribed to this list, you will be given a link to change your preferences. In doing so, you will be giving Dr Allen your preferred contact information to be used in the brochure. Once you have done this, then Brother Allen and I will be notified of your changes. There is a comment box for any comments or instructions that you might have. And there is a "No Web" checkbox for those of you who work in sensitive areas of ministry. If you wish for your information to only be "on paper" and not on the web, then you should check this box. We would ask that you do this by August 14 to allow Dr. Allen to send this information to the printers.
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